English language excellence at UTS:INSEARCH

Learning English at UTS:INSEARCH is a life-changing experience. With our Academic English (AE) program you can improve your ability to communicate in English and gain the skills you need for further academic study. Not only will you become more confident in social situations but you will learn how to prepare for a future career. We also provide courses in General English on a demand basis.

Meet Charles Wang and listen to his story of how studying English with UTS:INSEARCH led to the career of his dreams.


"I wanted to study somewhere with a strong reputation to help me get into a great university. I needed English skills and qualifications to work anywhere in the world. UTS:INSEARCH made that happen..."

-Charles Wang

Why study English at UTS:INSEARCH?

  1. Get ready for university and a global career
    Academic English is not only about achieving success in English but also acquiring the skills you will need for success at university and beyond. From basic study skills to preparing for your first job interview, you will learn to become confident in any academic, social or work situation.
  2. The pathway to university
    After completing various levels of English, move on to pathway programs with UTS Foundation Studies, UTS:INSEARCH diplomas and degree programs at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) one of Australia’s leading universities.
  3. We are the experts in English language education
    As one of the top English language providers in Australia, we’ve been teaching English to international students for more than 25 years. We have some of the best teachers in the industry, dedicated to helping you develop your English language skills and prepare you for success in your academic studies.
  4. Modern study techniques using the most up-to-date technology
    Our Academic English (AE) language program is delivered using Blackboard, an innovative learning system to help you achieve success. You will have access to UTS Online facilities (UTS Online and Blackboard Mobile Learn) and will experience life as a university student from the very start of your studies at UTS:INSEARCH.
  5. Study anytime, anywhere
    Our Academic English (AE) program uses Blended Learning, which combines traditional classroom teaching with online learning. By using this innovative approach you can study anytime, anywhere outside the classroom.
  6. Great location
    Enjoy studying at our Sydney campus, close to transport, cafes and restaurants and the Sydney CBD. 
  7. All the learning support you need
    Our dedicated Academic Advisers closely follow your progress to ensure you receive the support you need to succeed in your English language studies and achieve your academic and career goals.

Whether you want to improve your general communication skills, pass an important exam or attend an English-speaking university, we have a course for you. Choose from Academic English (AE) or General English (GE) Preparation courses.

Academic English

Learn the skills you need to succeed in your studies at any English-speaking university. You will gain the confidence to interact in social situations, prepare for success at university and be ready for the workplace once you graduate.

Academic English (AE5)

Academic English Level 5 (AE5) prepares you for studying at university and successful completion of the program will allow direct entry into most undergraduate and postgraduate courses at UTS.

Academic English for Research
Academic English level 6 (AE6)

This program is tailored for candidates undertaking a UTS postgraduate research degree, either at PhD or masters level, who need to enhance their Academic English skills for research purposes.

General English

The General English program establishes the groundwork for English language development, provides the skills required for academic study and prepares you for the Academic English (AE) program. 

Packaging Programs

UTS:INSEARCH English courses can be packaged with UTS Foundation Studies and/or diploma courses as well as UTS degrees. You will only need to pay one international student processing fee. One of the advantages of packaged programs is that only one visa is required for the entire study period at UTS:INSEARCH and UTS. Where a package includes English, no further external English test will be necessary before beginning your next course at UTS:INSEARCH or UTS.

Teacher Training

Take a course leading to the award of CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) at UTS:INSEARCH. Qualify to teach English in Australia and overseas.