If you are under 18 years of age and new to Australia you currently have two accommodation options.

Accommodation options for under 18s

Living with a local family is a great way for you to experience life in Australia and practise your spoken English. All of our homestays have been specially chosen to ensure that you're provided with a safe and supportive home environment. Each home is within 45-60 minutes travelling time from the campus, in a variety of locations around Sydney. This is a fantastic opportunity to live like a local and have an authentic Australian lifestyle experience.

Why choose homestay

  • It's the perfect way to make new friends - many of our Homestay students stay in touch with their Australian host families long after they leave.
  • For those who are learning English - it's a great way to practice your language skills every day in a fun, relaxed home environment.
  • Homestay students can experience what it's really like living with an Australian family. You can learn all about their family life and values, interact with people of different ages and share their culture and interests.
  • It's ideal for students who are under 18 years of age - so you have a family to look out for you while you're here.

International students under the age of 18 must reside in UTS Insearch approved accommodation and welfare arrangements  - unless staying in an arrangement approved by the Department of Home Affairs.

Homestay Fees

Homestay prices  (incl GST) 2018 2019
Booking fee A$250 A$290
Single A$295 per week A$315 per week
Twin share A$265 per week A$280 per week
Single (under 18s) A$345 per week A$365 per week
Twin (under 18s) A$315 per week A$325 per week
Special dietary requirements A$25 per week A$70 per week
Airport welcome (student only) A$150 A$160

Special accommodation arrangement

If you have friends or family living in Australia, you may be able to live with them. However, there are certain criteria that will need to be met. 

For more information about Homestay or Special accommodation arrangements, email homestay@insearch.edu.au