At UTS Insearch, our students have the flexibility of choosing a range of accommodation options that suit their needs. This includes staying with a local Australian family at Homestay or staying with our partner student residence, Urbanest.


Students under 18 can experience life in Australia in an authentic way and practise English by living with a local 
homestay family. It also provides a safe and supportive home environment as they will have host parents looking after them. The homestays are located in Sydney suburbs approximately 45-60 minutes away from campus. 

A Special Accommodation Arrangement can also be made if the student has friends or family living in Australia, but strict criteria must be met.

For more information about Homestay or Special Accommodation Arrangements, email the Accommodation and Welfare team.


Urbanest aims to be students’ home away from home. It is one of Australia’s largest providers of student accommodation, and UTS Insearch has a partnership with them so we can create student communities beyond the classrooms.

They're modern, safe and conveniently located - just five to 10 minutes away from campus and iconic attractions, so they can make the most out of their Sydney study experience.

Exclusive prices and welcome packs are available for students who book at Urbanest Quay Street, which is an over 18s only residence that is located directly opposite the UTS Insearch Blue Building campus. It also features several floors dedicated to UTS Insearch students, so they can share accommodation with their classmates.

Students under 18 can book at Urbanest Darling Square and Darling Harbour.

Urbanest Fast Facts 

Fixed contract dates: 

  • 27/5/19 - 26/5/2020
  • 10/9/19 - 9/9/2020
  • 11/2/20 - 9/2/2021
Accommodation OptionRoom TypeUnder 18 pricesOver 18 prices
Urbanest Quay Street
83 Quay Street Haymarket
NSW 2000 Australia
6-person apartmentNo under 18s allowedA$460*
4-person apartmentNo under 18s allowedA$480*
Urbanest Darling Square
41 Darling Drive Sydney
NSW 2000 Australia
8-person apartment
Twin ensuite room
5-person apartment
Single ensuite room
1-person large studio
with double bed
Urbanest Darling House
39 Darling Drive Sydney 
NSW 2000 Australia
Twin share room
Single share room
  • Prices marked with * are exclusive UTS Insearch offers
  • All rooms types include electricity, water, unlimited internet and access to the onsite gym
  • Urbanest Quay Street includes Single room with ensuite bathroom, shared kitchen and lounge
  • Urbanest Darling Square Offer 1 and 2 includes ensuite bathroom, shared kitchen and lounge
  • Urbanest Darling Square Offer 3 includes kitchenette with modern appliances
  • Urbanest Darling House includes ensuite bathroom, all meals at The Eatery

For more information, please visit the frequently asked questions page.

Urbanest Quay Street occupancy   

The following rooms are still available for Semester 1, 2020:
  • Female 6 bed apartments - 10 available
  • Female 4 bed apartments - 5 available 
  • Male 6 bed apartments - 12 available
  • Male 4 bed apartments - 2 available 

Urbanest Darling Square occupancy   

The following rooms are still available for Semester 1, 2020:
  • Under 18: Twin share rooms in and eight bedroom apartment - Fully Booked 
  • Over 18: Twin Studio share - Fully Booked 

Urbanest Darling House occupancy   

The following rooms are still available for Semester 1, 2020:
  • Under 18:  Single room - Fully Booked 
  • Under 18:  Twin room - Fully Booked 
  • Over 18:  Single room - Fully Booked 
  • Over 18:  Twin room - Fully Booked 

Downloadable Urbanest flyers

Fact sheet  

Under 18s flyer

Over 18s flyer