Students will need to decide if they require UTS Insearch to assist with Medibank OSHC arrangements for their visa submission prior to accepting their offer and being admitted. 

Students who require assistance with OSHC arrangements

These students will need to pay all fees at the time of accepting their offer (tuition and OSHC). This is so we can ensure arrangements are included and amended as required when borders open and they are able to travel.  Any amendments to OSHC paid will be handled by Medibank when the student has obtained their visa and arrived in Sydney to study.

Note: When students arrive in Sydney, they simply contact the Medibank OSHC Service team and provide evidence of their arrival date in Australia and the time they spent outside of Australia. The team will adjust the student’s OSHC membership for the period they were outside Australia.

Students who do not require assistance and do not pay OSHC fees

These students at the time of accepting their offer, will need to make their own OSHC arrangements. Students need to ensure they have these in place for their visa submission prior to travelling to Sydney to continue studies. Once students have accepted their offer, are admitted or have already commenced studies, UTS Insearch will not be able to assist with OSHC arrangements.


OSHC is not required when undertaking remote learning. However, it will be required at the time of visa application once travel restrictions are lifted.

Medibank will be able to change the OSHC start date. To do this, the student simply contacts Medibank directly with their membership details and provide documentation confirming the arrival date (such as boarding pass or plane ticket).

Students can request to put the OSHC on hold while they are overseas and reactivate it when they return. They should contact Medibank or the provider

If the student is learning remotely from their home country and does not travel to Australia, a full refund of OSHC is available.