Under 18s

Students who are under 18 and require our assistance for accommodation and welfare arrangements and need a Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW) for their visa submission, will be required to pay all relevant fees at the time of accepting their offer (includes tuition and accommodation and welfare related fees). This enables a CAAW to be issued and we can amend arrangements when borders open and students are able to travel. 

Any changes will be handled when the student has obtained their visa and arrived in Sydney to commence or continue their studies.  If a student turns 18 before arriving in Sydney and no longer requires accommodation and welfare arrangements by UTS Insearch, the student can request a refund of the paid fees. Alternatively, these can be credited for later use towards their studies or accommodation payments. This applies to Homestay and Urbanest accommodation.

Over 18s

For advice or support contact our Admission Team by emailing registrar@insearch.edu.au or our accommodation team by emailing accommodation@insearch.edu.au