Work together. Succeed together. 

The importance we place on our education partners is in the mutually beneficial relationship we seek. Success is achieved by working together as partners in the business, and we believe we can all share in this success together.

Selection criteria

We do not appoint partners on a provisional basis. All prospective partners undergo a rigorous selection process and are appointed based upon the optimal number of education representatives required for each market and their performance against our selection criteria.

We choose to work with only those organisations that can demonstrate:

  • Solid business performance over previous years
  • High potential for recruiting students to UTS Insearch or UTS
  • Positioning in a growing market
  • Commitment to ensuring long-term academic outcomes for students
  • Quality services provided to students and their families
  • Sophisticated approach to ongoing training for staff
  • Well-planned approach to marketing
  • An excellent reputation for quality and ethics

How to apply

UTS Insearch welcomes applications to become an agent. 

Company information
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Are you a representative of UTS? *:

Do you have an AEI Agent Training Qualification?*:

Are you an authorised e-Visa agent? *:

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