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Alex Murphy Alex Murphy
UTS:INSEARCH Managing Director

Alex has 20 years’ experience with UTS:INSEARCH. He joined INSEARCH Language Centre in 1992, teaching Indonesian language and coordinating teaching and curriculum development in Asian and European Languages, subsequently taking on the role of project manager for offshore delivery of English language programs.

In 2000, Alex was appointed Head of Marketing to INSEARCH Limited, a merger of three previously separate entities. In that role, Alex was responsible for developing the UTS:INSEARCH brand and positioning and implementing channel management systems, before taking on the role of Managing Director in September 2007.

Alex's background is in Linguistics and Indonesian & Malayan Studies, having undertaken research at the University of Sydney, before living and working in Jakarta from 1986 to 1989. A member of the St James Ethics Centre since 1997, Alex has also been undertaking leadership development and group relations programs with the Australian Institute of Socio-Analysis and Tavistock Institute (UK) over the past fifteen years

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