MEDIBANK International Education Scholarship


MEDIBANK International and UTS Insearch are delighted to reward the top two international students holding comprehensive Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) arranged through UTS Insearch.

About the scholarship

Each semester, the top performing student from the first stage of UTS Foundation Studies and the top performing student from the first stage of any diploma program, will each receive a A$4,000 contribution towards their UTS Insearch tuition fees for the following semester. This amount will be divided if more than two students achieve the same results.

Eligibility criteria

  • Students must have arranged their MEDIBANK OSHC through UTS Insearch
  • Students must be currently enrolled at UTS Insearch in either UTS Foundation Studies or a UTS Insearch diploma course
  • Students achieved excellent academic performance (and maintained excellent attendance) in the first stage of the above course having undertaken the full study load 
  • This scholarship is open to international students only

How to apply

This scholarship does not involve an application process. Eligible students will be nominated by UTS Insearch staff and will be contacted if they are a recipient of the scholarship.