Hard Work Pays Off

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Zaga Kosev is no stranger to hard work and dedication – she has spent many years of her childhood lacing up her figure skates and rehearsing her routines. By the time she was in high school she was training several days a week and competed nationally.

After high school she found her first steps weren’t very smooth – she had a false start with a business degree but is now on track to become a sociologist or an academic.

UTS Insearch gave Zaga the chance she needed to find her true passion and her hard work has paid off already. She just received the Outstanding Graduate Award in Communication for getting the highest marks in her UTS Insearch diploma. In March she’ll head into the second year of a Bachelor of Communication at UTS.

While Zaga didn’t get the ATAR she’d hoped for and her results were scaled down, she tried her best and is philosophical. “Initially, I was not pleased but I know that many people in the world do not have access to an adequate education so I had a sense of gratitude for what I achieved; I had just received 13 years of schooling.”

Zaga Kosev is a talented figure skater

After she graduated from high school, Zaga says she caved into social pressure from people around her and enrolled in a course she says she was completely uninterested in.

“I did business and learnt how important it is to do something you're interested in.” She left the course and enrolled at UTS Insearch.

Discovering the Diploma of Communication online really crystallised all her interests into one course. She realised she had a passion for the humanities all along but didn’t know that she could do a degree in that area. “I thought: this is what I want to do. This is me. It's all the stuff I was interested in throughout high school. I was like: yes!!”

With the diploma, Zaga was once again engaged in all her subjects. “They were very relevant to everyday life. You learn about diverse and intricate features that are very applicable to society,” she says.

Writing on social issues and politics internationally, really appealed to her. She evolved from the shy girl she’d been in high school into a confident, articulate young woman.

“My true abilities are evident from receiving the Outstanding Graduate Award,” Zaga says. “It has become very clear to me that it is important to undertake what you are interested in and it really proves that there are no limitations for success.”

When Zaga begins her UTS degree next year, she says she’s really excited about the course content and will major in Social and Political Science, then do a Masters to possibly become an academic.

In her spare time, Zaga is still an active sportswoman. She goes to the beach and swims laps and sometimes puts on a pair of skates just for fun.

Zaga Kosev

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