Students Shine At Graduation

UTS:INSEARCH students and their friends and families celebrated the Semester 3 Graduation on 22 March 2017. The night recognised the success and achievements of students graduating from the Diplomas courses and completing the UTS Foundation Studies.

Dean of Studies, Tim Laurence said, “Graduation ceremonies are an important time for students to reflect on what they have achieved so far, and it motivates them to go on to succeed in their studies at UTS.  It is a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge their efforts in front of their friends, family, teachers and peers."

The evening also featured prizes for those who topped their course in the first semester, those who topped their course overall, an award for an outstanding UTS:INSEARCH Alumni and a the presentation of prizes for teaching innovation for UTS:INSEARCH teachers. 

“We started offering a range of academic prizes at UTS:INSEARCH two years ago so we could formally and publicly recognise the excellence and achievements of our top students. It is a great way to give students encouragement and the opportunity to celebrate their successes, “said Mr Laurence.

One of the students receiving the Outstanding Graduate Prize included Khun Min Aung, who won the Diploma of Business prize. He is inspired by Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, because of his entrepreneurial spirit and vision, and wants to help his home country, Myanmar, grow economically.  Another prize winner was Hai Anh Trinh who won the Diploma for Engineering prize and is inspired by his uncle who is a successful software engineer.

Ruobing Yang was awarded the UTS:INSEARCH Alumni prize. He was recognised for his outstanding work in business and the law practice, and is graduate of the Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce, UTS:INSEARCH and UTS where he completed his business studies.

More than 400 people attended the graduation event at Doltone House in Pyrmont.