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We're committed to forming strong ongoing relationships with High School Career Advisers and Teacher. Request a School visit, take a campus tour or ask for information to provide to your students.

What is the High School Information Centre?

This is a dedicated section on our website - just for you, career counsellors and high school teachers. In this section we aim to provide you with as much information as possible to assist you when counselling your students. We aim to provide you with all the resources you need so your students can make the most informed decisions when they look at their study options at the end of their schooling. 

Who comes to UTS:INSEARCH?

Domestic Students:

  • Students who just missed out on an undergraduate place at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
  • Students who are still unsure of what field/study area they want to pursue at university - UTS:INSEARCH is a good place to 'put their feet in the water' and decide whether they like the area of study, whilst also obtaining a recognised tertiary qualification    
  • Students who would benefit from starting their first academic year in a more intimate and supportive environment before going to university.

International Students:

Depending on a student's academic result and English competency, there are various pathways they can take at UTS:INSEARCH to get them into the University of Technology Sydney.

  • UTS:INSEARCH offers a range of English courses designed to prepare students for study both at UTS:INSEARCH and at various levels of study at university.
  • Depending on a student's academic results, if they didn't get the grades required for direct entry into a diploma, they can undertake UTS Foundation Studies, offered on behalf of University of Technology Sydney. This prepares them for further study in a range of disciplines at UTS:INSEARCH diploma level or at UTS 
  • UTS:INSEARCH offers a range of diploma courses for students who are wanting to study an undergraduate degree at UTS. Students are guaranteed a position in the corresponding degree at UTS provided they successfully pass their diploma with no more than 2 subject failures. Depending on which course they chose, some students can go straight into the 2nd year of a undergraduate degree*.

*Subject to successful completion of a diploma with the required Grade Point Average (GPA) and depends on the course you choose.

Definition of Domestic and International Students

You are an Australian or domestic student if you have Australian or New Zealand citizenship, or hold an Australian permanent visa. This is regardless of where you have studied and what qualifications you may have.

International students are students who do not hold Australian or New Zealand citizenships or Australian permanent resident status. This is regardless of where you have studied and what qualifications you may have.


Definition of Domestic and International Students.

Why students succeed at UTS:INSEARCH

  • UTS:INSEARCH is all about preparing students for success at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
  • UTS:INSEARCH offers diploma courses, UTS Foundation Studies (international students only) and English programs
  • Most of our diploma programs offer one year advanced standing for an undergraduate degree at UTS
  • We are a BIG on academic support for students - all our students benefit from dedicated Academic Advisers, study skill workshops and one-on-one tutorials
  • All academic students have access to UTS facilities - which are just minutes away from the UTS:INSEARCH campus
  • UTS:INSEARCH has state-of-the art facilities - we have just completed a full campus refurbishment
  • We are based in the CBD - right near Central Station and moments from UTS
  • We have small class sizes - a maximum of just 20 students per tutorial
  • Students have access to over 100 sports and social clubs
  • Finally, we have been educating students for over twenty years and we are proud of our student achievements

Information about FEE-HELP

FEE-HELP is an initiative of the Australian Government that allows eligible students not receiving government support to study now and pay later for their tertiary education. FEE-HELP is a loan from the Australian Government. FEE-HELP fees are paid directly to UTS:INSEARCH. Students repay their FEE-HELP debt through the tax system as soon as the student’s income passes a certain level. UTS:INSEARCH is approved to offer the FEE-HELP loan scheme to eligible students. 

A loan fee of 25% is levied by the Australian Government on FEE-HELP loans.

  • There is no application charge
Who is eligible for FEE-HELP?

Only Australian citizens or holders of an Australian Permanent Resident (humanitarian visa only) and some New Zealand citizens are eligible. If students are eligible and wish to apply for FEE-HELP, they should contact the UTS:INSEARCH student centre to obtain a Request for a FEE-HELP – Non-university private higher education providers form and information pack.

How do I apply for FEE-HELP?

To secure your place at UTS:INSEARCH you must either pay your fees upfront as a non FEE-HELP student or complete and return the Request for a FEE-HELP – Non-university private higher education providers form to UTS:INSEARCH Student Centre prior to semester commencement. Places in some courses are limited so an early response is desirable to secure a place.

Please note a tax file number is required to complete the Request for a FEE-HELP – Non-university private higher education providers form.

Full details of the loan scheme can be found on the Australian Government's Study Assist Website website.

Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section regarding FEE-HELP for further information.

Information about FEE-HELP.

Organise a UTS:INSEARCH Visit

To arrange a visit to your high school, order promotional materials or find out about a UTS or UTS:INSEARCH event please email us at careeradviser@insearch.edu.au with contact details of your school or complete the form below. Remember we are here to help you as much as possible in counselling your students. Alternatively please call Aline Chiron on 02 9218 8749.

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For International Advisers

UTS:INSEARCH has been educating students for over twenty years and works closely with UTS in its program development.  We can work productively with you to help inform students about UTS:INSEARCH pathways to bachelor degrees at UTS.  We would be delighted to hear from you regarding:

  • School visits with UTS:INSEARCH alumni
  • Participation at your high school information days
  • Materials specifically developed for you to give to your students

Please contact marketing@insearch.edu.au to discuss these opportunities.

Career Advisers FAQ's

Got a question? Call our dedicated High Schools contact, Aline Chiron on 9218 8749 or email aline.chiron@insearch.edu.au.

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