UTS Foundation Studies

  • The UTS Foundation Studies program has been specifically re-designed for international students who have completed Year 11. (Not offered to domestic Australian students)
  • Now leads to ANY UTS undergraduate degree (for successful students)
  • Now streamlined to one broad program – to open more study doors.
  • Now offers a unique blended learning approach – combines technology, online and classroom teaching.

What is UTS Foundation Studies?

UTS Foundation Studies is a UTS course, delivered by UTS:INSEARCH, on behalf of UTS. It is offered to international students only.

The program is recommended for successful year 11 international high school graduates looking to start their Australian education and need a preparation program to give them the skills needed for Australian university study.

The UTS Foundation Studies program meets the requirements for Foundation Programs which have been registered on CRICOS for delivery in Australia providing academic preparation for entry into first year undergraduate study to overseas students.

Where does it lead to?

The program provides pathways to UTS:INSEARCH diplomas or, for successful students, entry into the first year of an ANY undergraduate degree at UTS.

Articulation requirements for UTS Foundation Studies to UTS Degree for International Students Only

Which UTS Foundation Studies Program is right for me?

There are two programs – the 8 months (Standard) and the 12 months (Extended) program. Entry into which program will be determined by your academic grades.

 8 months (Standard)
 12 months (Extended)
 CRICOS Course Code: 082432G

 UTS Course Code: C30019
 CRICOS Course Code: 082433G

 UTS Course Code: C30020


2017 Course intake and start dates:

  • Semester 3 intake: 09/10/2017

2018 Course intake and start dates:

  • Semester 1 intake: 05/03/2017
  • Semester 2 intake: 25/06/2017
  • Semester 3 intake: 08/10/2017

Why study UTS Foundation Studies with UTS:INSEARCH?

  • Designed for Year 11 graduates. This program has been specifically designed to meet the needs of international students who have successfully completed their Year 11 studies. It provides a pathway to our UTS:INSEARCH diplomas or, for successful students, entry into the first year of UTS.
  • Get into ANY undergraduate degree at UTS. This program opens doors to a wide range of study options and career choices and, for successful students, articulation into ANY undergraduate degree at UTS.
  • Get the most out of your studies with blended learning. This means that students will benefit from a combination of state-of the-art technology, traditional classroom teaching and online self-paced learning. This innovative approach will allow for a more engaging and interactive student learning experience that will help improve learning outcomes.
  • Prepares you for studying at an Australian university. The UTS Foundation Studies program will help you become familiar with an Australian approach to learning and what you should expect at university in Australia. Subjects such as Australian Studies are part of the Extended program, so you can learn more about Australian culture and its people.
  • Acquire a broad education. You will study a range of different subjects such as Mathematics; English; and Technology, Society and Science all under the one program. This means that you will gain solid knowledge and understanding across a broad range of disciplines. The outcome is a well-rounded and confident graduate with a broad skill set, ready to study your first year at university.
  • Explore what discipline you want to study. Students may not always know what they want to major in at university yet, particularly if they have just finished Year 11. The UTS Foundation Studies program is a great way to explore the different disciplines and subjects you may wish to pursue, before moving onto the next step of your academic studies.