Academic English 

Academic English (AE) Levels 1-5 is a revised program that replaces the previous Academic English program Levels 1-9. It is delivered in 10 week terms and will give you the confidence to interact in social situations and learn the skills you will need to succeed at university, in your career and beyond.

Existing Academic English (AEP) students are being transferred on to the equivalent level of Academic English (AE) Levels 1-5.

Successful completion of AE5 satisfies the English Language Admission requirements for the majority of UTS undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

confidently in classroom discussions, tutorials and conversations in English.
an English vocabulary that is useful for university, a future career and everyday life.
academic essays and reports in English suitable for university courses.
effective presentations that communicate clear messages.
Take notes
at lectures so that you can recall and discuss key points.
academic texts and use a variety of resources for academic studies.
plan and organise so that group projects are successful.
independently and take advantage of the Learning Centre resources at any time.



A new approach to learning English with Blended Learning

Blended Learning is an innovative approach to learning, which combines traditional face-to-face teaching with online-supported learning. You can interact with learning materials on your mobile, laptop or iPad from any location with internet access. Study anytime, anywhere.

Our Academic English (AE) Program is delivered using Blackboard, the interactive tool that combines online learning and face-to-face teaching. Blackboard is also used at UTS so you will be familiar with the online tool right from the start of your studies.

Prepare for University

You will study at the level that matches your current English language ability. International students who choose to study a UTS:INSEARCH diploma are guaranteed direct entry* into UTS and could even fast track into 2nd year (depending on the course you choose). After completing the appropriate level you can follow the pathway to further study with UTS Foundation Studies, UTS:INSEARCH diplomas and UTS degree programs.

UTS:INSEARCH English courses can be packaged with UTS Foundation Studies and/or diploma courses as well as UTS degrees. You will only need to pay one international student processing fee. One of the advantages of packaged programs is that only one visa needs to be secured for the entire study period. Where a package includes English, no further external English test will be required before beginning your next course at UTS:INSEARCH or UTS.

* For international students upon completion of a UTS:INSEARCH diploma with no more than two subject failures

AEP New English Weeks

Entry level depends on your IELTS, PTE (Academic), TOEFL test results or our placement test. If you do not have a current IELTS, TOEFL or PTS score (no older than 12 months), you will need to sit a placement test which can be done online at one of our Authorised Education Representative Offices around the world. For details please refer to the International Guide on our homepage

1 English and Academic entry level requirements apply. Please refer to the courses page of our website for course information, entry requirements and articulation details.  For UTS entry requirements please refer to individual faculty pages on UTS website .

2 If you do not meet English entry requirements for Academic English (AE) you can apply for General English (GE).

Entry Requirements for Academic English (AE)

IELTS and TOEFL test scores act as a guide to place you at the correct level to start your course. If you don’t have an IELTS or TOEFL score you will be asked to sit a short placement test on arrival at UTS:INSEARCH. Successful completion of AE4 prepares you for UTS:INSEARCH diploma programs, while successful completion of AE3 satisfies English entry requirements to the UTS Foundation Studies program.

Academic English (AE) program, Levels 1-5

  • Duration: Each AE level consists of two 5 week terms, i.e. ten-weeks in total with 200 hours of face-to-face tuition (20 hours per week)
  • Class times: 8.30am-1.30pm
  • 2017 Fee: $495 per week (fees are accurate as shown but are subject to change)
  • 2018 Fee: $510 per week (fees are accurate as shown but are subject to change)
  • CRICOS Course Code: 032410F

Course books and materials are written by UTS:INSEARCH academic staff and cover a range of international topics. These are included in the enrolment fee.

New Course Books

Each level of the Academic English program consists of two 5 week terms i.e. 10 weeks total. Each level of General English consists of a single 5 week term.Start dates for both Academic English and General English are the same as per the table below, although the duration of your English program (the number of 5 week terms required) will differ depending on which course you plan on undertaking after your English studies and the English entry requirements of that course.

2017 Term Dates

  • TERM 9: 16/10/2017
  • TERM 10: 20/11/2017

2018 Term Dates

  • TERM 1: 08/01/2018
  • TERM 2: 12/02/2018
  • TERM 3: 19/03/2018
  • TERM 4: 23/04/2018
  • TERM 5: 28/05/2018
  • TERM 6: 02/07/2018
  • TERM 7: 06/08/2018
  • TERM 8: 10/09/2018
  • TERM 9: 15/10/2018
  • TERM 10: 19/11/2018


Considerable effort took place to renew and update the UTS:INSEARCH Academic English course, reflecting our ongoing commitment to quality in English language education.

We would like to acknowledge the effort and dedication of the team who helped to produce the revised Academic English curriculum including:

Curriculum Manager
Brad Hughes
Team Leaders
Patti Nicholson
Neil England
Kate Delaney
Senior Editors
David Larbalestier
Philip Godber
Brad Hughes
Patti Nicholson
Judith Baker
Angela Snelgrove
Ian Boyle
Stephanie King
Syllabus writers
Brad Hughes
Patti Nicholson
Ann Maree Dombroski
Neil England
Blended Learning Coordinators
Lachlan Kalache
Fran Traynor
Assessment Coordinator
Jason Longmore
Proof Readers
Marian Walton
Orlando Savage
Macgregor Haines
Ann Maree Dombroski
Huia Peachey
Sonal Patel
Materials Writers
Ann Maree Dombroski
Jason Longmore
Marian Walton
Orlando Savage
Charmaine Grey
Joanne Mayson
Macgregor Haines
Neil England
Eric Pawsey
Peter Schwarz
Paul Vaughan
Julia Gibbons
Mark Payne
Kate Delaney
Giselle Carnemolla
Maria Greenaway
Judith Baker
Fran Traynor
Katherine Spadaro
Diana Dunlop
Sharon Hill
Patti Nicholson
Brad Hughes
Mark Knight
Giselle Carnemolla
Project Managers
Kirsten Buwalda-Verra
Max Beuster
Kathryn Lindup
Richard Stewart
Publication Team
Nicole Mark
Robert Schofield
Clint Black
Geoff Stephenson
Ruth Barbato
Xu ShanShan