Did you know more than 50% of jobs are found via networking?

As a UTS:INSEARCH graduate, you are automatically part of a great and powerful network. This network comprises more than 30,000 successful people working in all corners of the world.

Being an active member of the UTS:INSEARCH alumni community means you can extend your network through ours.

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Building your network delivers substantial benefits to your career. Through networking you can:

  • Access the ‘hidden job market’ – research shows that employee referrals are the number one way to get hired.
  • Elevate your professional profile – this increases the likelihood of recruiters head-hunting you for a job.
  • Gain power through knowledge – by connecting with others in your industry, you can engage in knowledge-sharing, increase your awareness of future trends and find out about opportunities and events.
  • Have a reliable audience to glean advice and professional support.
  • Keep connected with fellow students and teachers.

Whether you have just graduated or are a seasoned professional, don’t miss out on the opportunity to benefit from the UTS:INSEARCH network.

Meet some of your fellow alumni:

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