Our Partners and Programs Around the World

Our International Partners

To help more students access our high quality programs, UTS:INSEARCH has formed strong partnerships with a select group of experienced educational partners.

The level of collaboration with our partners ensures that our English and academic programs are delivered internationally to the same high standards students expect of UTS:INSEARCH.

UTS:INSEARCH will continue to expand its offerings and partnerships internationally and we look forward to welcoming more students to commence their internationally-recognised study programs.

Find out more about our current network of international education partners and what they offer below.


EIC Education

EIC is China's largest and most experienced education agency delivering quality English language education. UTS:INSEARCH’s Academic English program is offered at EIC and taught using the same high standards used by UTS:INSEARCH in Sydney for students seeking to develop their English skills in China to be ready for university success.

The program will help students to engage in classroom discussions, build vocabulary and communicate clearly for business and international study. EIC currently offers classes at their centres in Beijing, Changsha, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Jinan, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Xiamen in China.

Program offered: UTS:INSEARCH Academic English

Our Partners: SILC
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SILC – Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce

Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce (SILC) was founded in 1994 as the first cooperative educational joint venture in China, owned by Shanghai University (SHU) in China and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in Australia.

UTS:INSEARCH operates in partnership with SILC, offering English language programs and the UTS:INSEARCH Diploma of Business as a pathway to the UTS Bachelor of Business in Shanghai.

Graduates have a competitive edge for employment in transnational fields, multinational corporations and when studying overseas at top universities.

Programs offered: UTS:INSEARCH Academic English and UTS:INSEARCH Diploma of Business

Our Partners: SILC
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UIG English

In 2012, UTS:INSEARCH partnered with Indonesia's most trusted media group, Kompass Gramedia Group, to form UIG English. Together, the joint partnership now delivers UTS:INSEARCH’s Academic English program in five locations throughout Jakarta – including at the Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (UMN).

UIG English is Indonesia’s exclusive provider of UTS:INSEARCH Academic English and is supported by highly professional and experienced teachers with international certification. Students have the option to study at UIG English centres in Jakarta Selatan, Serpong, Yogyakarta, Bintaro and Jakarta Barat.

Program offered: UTS:INSEARCH Academic English

Our Partners: SILC
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UIC College

UIC College is a member of UniSadhuGuna International Education, a leading and trusted International Pathway Provider in Indonesia for over 20 years. In September 2015, UniSadhuGuna International Education officially launched a partnership with UTS:INSEARCH.

UIC College is the exclusive provider of UTS:INSEARCH’s Diploma of Business and Diploma of Engineering in Indonesia. Indonesian students can begin their studies at UIC College in Jakarta, completing an 8-month program and upon successful completion go direct to the second year of a corresponding degree at UTS.

Programs offered: UTS:INSEARCH Diploma of Business and Diploma of Engineering (referred to as Pathway to UTS programs at UIC College).

Our Partners: SILC
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IEN Institute

IEN Institute delivers the UTS:INSEARCH Academic English curriculum and the UTS:INSEARCH, Diplomas of Business and IT in Seoul, Korea.

IEN Institute is one of the top international education organisations in Korea. With more than 10 years of experience delivering Academic English and pathway courses to people seeking to further their goals; IEN sits proudly at the forefront of global education.

IEN Institute delivers the UTS:INSEARCH programs with qualified professional educators teaching to the highest standards. The centre is located in Gangnam, the heart of Seoul and the hub of education in Korea. The UTS:INSEARCH programs offered at IEN Institute provide the ideal route to successful overseas studies.

Programs offered: UTS:INSEARCH Academic English, UTS:INSEARCH Diploma of Business and Diploma of IT.

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AEC English Centre

AEC English Centre is Myanmar’s exclusive provider of UTS:INSEARCH Academic English and offers the most advanced academic English curriculum in the world.

Going beyond standard teaching methods, AEC enriches students with the sophisticated communication skills critical for studying and working overseas with the experience and confidence to excel. Students will also gain critical skills such as presentation techniques, assignment, exam strategy and tools. This means AEC graduates are better primed for success at university and in the global workplace.

AEC English Centre is located in a brand new campus in Yangon’s CBD where students benefit from international-standard classrooms and study resources.

Program offered: UTS:INSEARCH Academic English

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The Australian Centre for Education and Training (ACET)

ACET opened in 2002 in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and is a partnership between IDP Education and UTS:INSEARCH. ACET is recognised as the market leader in provision of Academic English and IELTS test preparation. The state of the art facilities help students become familiar with an international studying environment and prepares thousands of students for university study overseas.

ACET delivers UTS:INSEARCH Academic English curriculum designed to ensure that students are able to learn and utilise English, confidently and fluently within a study or work environment.

ACET and UTS:INSEARCH have partnered to create the ACET ADVANTAGE scholarship, which allows ACET graduates who enrol in academic studies at UTS:INSEARCH (UTS Foundation or Diploma) to have their ACET course fees credited toward the cost of their UTS:INSEARCH studies. ACET also provides scholarships to students sponsored by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education in partnership with UTS:INSEARCH.

Program offered: UTS:INSEARCH Academic English

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